Green Remodeling

How Can A Remodel Be Green?

By weighting the resources consumed during the project against the decades of life that the remodel will enjoy afterward. Done well, and with grace, there will be no need to change it for a lifetime, possibly two.

Just think of turn-of-last-century kitchens around Portland.

The tile, countertops and cabinets are still in great shape. The original plaster walls and ceiling fixtures remain. These are proof that a well-considered design –supported by high-quality materials and scrupulous workmanship- can last for decades.

That is the ultimate meaning of ‘green remodeling.’ This is what we strive for.

We back our aspiration with a promise to:

  • Optimize the resources we use.
  • Use materials that minimize our impact on the earth.
  • Create a comfortable structure that heats and cools efficiently.

We implement the greenest remodel possible: beautiful, high quality spaces that stand the test of time.